Friday, May 28, 2021

Asian Horror WEB OF EVIL "Terror in Chinatown"

Behind this art which has nothing to do with the cover-featured tale...
...lies a story not as lurid or sensationalistic as the cover art would indicate!
But it is rather kool...
Illustrated by Charles Nicholas, this cover-featured tale from Quality Comics' Web of Evil #17 (1954) is actually quite mild, compared to some of the incredibly-gruesome material being published bo other companies in those pre-Comics Code Authority days!
BTW, The cover by Chuck Cuidera is an unabashed reworking of the cover for Quality's Ken Shannon #8 (1952)...
...which was inked by Cuidera, but penciled by Reed Crandall.
It matched the issue's story, which had no supernatural elements, about a tong in Chinatown!

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Friday, February 5, 2021

Hearts & Horror MENACE "Fake"

Remember the old adage "Don't judge a book by it's cover"?
 Here's the codicil; "It goes both ways"!
Illustrated by Al Eadeh, this tale from Atlas' Menace #10 (1954) follows the classic trope of golddigger tripped up, not by her own greed, but by the fact her husband (who still loves her) is not even human!
Remember, the target audience for horror (as opposed to romance) comics was 8-14 year old boys, to whom girls were "yukky".
They were also the audience for whom Lois Lane , the nosy reporter who was always trying to either expose Superman's secret identity or trick the Man of Steel into marrying her, was the typical woman!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Holiday Horror VAULT OF HORROR "...and All Through the House...." PLUS Video Holiday Presents!

Here's not one, not two, but three versions of a horrifying holiday tale...
...starting with it's initital appearance in EC Comics' Vault of Horror #35 (1954)!
This horror-day classic (sorry, couldn't resist) written and illustrated by Johnny Craig had been reprinted numerous times and been adapted twice, once as part of the 1970s anthology movie Tales from the Crypt...

...and as the second episode of the1990s Tales from the Crypt TV series...

We'll be back after the New Year with more terrifying tales from the 1950s!
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!

Friday, October 30, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020 / Twice-Told Tales TERROR TALES "Jury of Skeletons"

Yesterday, we presented a 1950s tale grounded in the real-life horror of the Holocaust..., here's a remake from the 1970s, since the original couldn't be reprinted due to the Comics Code!
Note: May be NSFW!
South American artist Enrique Cristobal illustrated this redo from Eerie Publications' Terror Tales #V6N1 (1974), 21 years after the never-reprinted original's publication.
We hope you've enjoyed our Countdown to Halloween 2020 blogathon contribution featuring 1950s tales so ghastly they couldn't be reprinted and had to be re-illustrated for 1960s-1970s publication!
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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020 / Twice Told Tales VOODOO "Corpses of the Jury"

For our final Halloween entry, we're combining fictional horror...

 with the real-life horrors of concentration camps!
Warning: NSFW!
Memories of World War II and the Nuremberg Trials were still fresh in peoples' minds when this tale was published in 1953 in Ajax/Farrell's Voodoo #5.
There were stories aplenty of hidden Nazis being tracked down, but most involved them being tried and executed by Allied (American/British/French) law-enforcement, not spectral beings, and certainly not in so gruesome, yet poetic, fashion.
BTW, the identities of any of the Iger Studio creatives associated with this tale are, sadly, unknown!
Tomorrow, the redone version from the 1970s!
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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020 / Thrice-Told Tales WEIRD "Land of No Return"

The first, horrifying version of this tale was HERE...
...the second, far less scary version of the story, is HERE!
Now let's continue with the final version...
Ajax/Farrell finally gave up the ghost (as it were) in 1958, but publisher Robert Farrell remained in publishing, doing non-comics projects.
In 1969, he joined with Myron Fass, a former comics artist who had failed to make a Silver Age color comics line (MF Enterprises) profitable, but realized that Warren Publications' b/w magazines (Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella) were selling very well!
With Farrell providing art from the Ajax/Farrell files, the two launched Eerie Publications with titles like Tales of Voodoo, Weird, and Terrors of Dracula!
This version of the tale appeared in Weird V3N4 (1969)
Was the alien entity modified from the original (1953) version, or was this the original version, modified for the initial publication in 1953?
We'll never know...
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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2020 / Thrice-Told Tales STRANGE JOURNEY "Space is a Secret"

..this story...well, sort of!
This is a censored version of that tale, "sanitized" by the Comics Code Authority!
Like almost all other comics publishers, Ajax/Farrell was hit hard by the Seduction of the Innocent witch-hunt of the 1950s.
They survived, where many others didn't, by kow-towing to the sometimes inane restrictions placed on them by the censor agency created by the industry itself...the Comics Code Authority!
This story, from Ajax/Farrell's Strange Journey #2 (1957) is a classic example of how extreme the Code took matters.
Every page has alterations, including changing the ending (in the original version, the Earthmen never escape)!
The final version, taken back to it's original level of horror...and beyond...can be found here...
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